Khentii Province: Clamp down on the “colored stone” trade

2016 оны 2 сарын 26

Mongolia is rich not only in gold and ores, but also in semi precious stones. There is a ready market for these in China. Among these are the “colored stones” which can be found in Khentii Province in the north of the country. The Civil Representation Meeting (CRM) of the province has passed a decision to ban the illegal exploration of color stones, one of the main reasons being that the excavations destroy pasture and grazing land. In addition they spoil the beauty of the landscape of this important tourist destination. The police have revealed that illegal exploration and smuggling of the colored stones is common is several soums (districts) has been going on since 2012; these include Bor-Undur, Darkhan, Galshar, Bayanmunkh, Batnorov, and Binder. Therefore, the CRM has banned the exploration, selling, buying, transportation and possession of the stones.


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