TV networks propose taking payment

2016 оны 2 сарын 29

On Thursday (25th February), a form run by the nation’s TV channels began under the title of “Content Value in Mongolia”.  According to research conducted by “Maxima Media”, the average person living in Ulaanbaatar watches TV for 293 minutes every day. This is a 10 minutes (3%) reduction compared to 2014. The representatives of the televisions companies present at the forum considered that: “In order to create quality TV reflecting technical developmets, the TV companies should receive payment from the viewers. The income received from advertising is not enough to finance either contents or TV employees. In the future, the Copyright Law and the Intellectual Property Law should be updated. If infringement of these laws continues, high-quality TV and media cannot be improved. Respect of copyright will lead to a reduction in the number of poor quality networks”.

Mongolia leads world, in the ratio of TV networks per capita of the population; this is an astounding one TV channel per 16,216 people. In all there are 18 conventional channels, 53 cable networks operating actively in Ulaanbaatar, and 20 cable channels and 60 conventional networks in the provinces.


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