Mongolia finally settles its Russian debt

2016 оны 3 сарын 1

Yesterday (29th February), Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg held a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to Mongolia Mr. Iskander Aziziov. During the meeting, the Ambassador presented an official document confirming that Mongolia no longer has any debts with Russia.

Mr Saikhanbileg said: “According to the our contract to pay the remaining debt by the end of February 2016, we present the written confirmation that Mongolia has transferred the remaining USD 3,832,515 to the Russian Federation at the current Bank of Mongolia currency rate. Today is an historical day, which will be written in the annals of the relationship of our two countries. I am sure that by paying this debt many economical opportunities will now be opened for our two countries. Many people have worked on the debt issues. Please, relay our thanks to them, in the name of Chairman of the Mongolian Government”.

Ambassador Azizov noted: “All Mongolia’s financial dues to the old Soviet Union and its successor - the current Russian Federation - have been cleared. Therefore, both sides now have new opportunities to develop financial co-operation. In addition, Mongolia welcomes the new possibilities of entering the international financial market”.


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