Mongolian students to work at ASEM

2016 оны 3 сарын 1

Yesterday (29th February), the Mongolian Students’ Federation (MSF) announced that students will have the possibility of working for ASEM. Representatives of the MSF are included in the ASEM preparation team. According to the MSF, students can work as guides, interpreters or work at the cultural events and preparing Ulaanbaatar for the forum.

According to research conducted among the students, 72% of them have the possibilities and desire to work, without missing their classes.

Therefore, the MSF is appealing to those students, who want to work for ASEM to gather on 4th March on the Students’ Square. This will also serve as a peaceful demonstration aimed at solving another issue - namely when will the students receive the MNT 70,000 grant allowance which they are owed?

According to the students, they have not received their MNT 70,000 since September 2015. We therefore clarified this with the Ministry of Finance; our source said that financing has still not been solved. They added that financing might be approved next month.


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