Wife of Mongolian Democratic Revolution hero S.Zorig - in prison

2016 оны 3 сарын 3

Almost three months have passed, since the arrent of B.Bulgan, better known as the wife of S.Zorig, who was one of the leaders of Mongolia’s 1990 Democratic Revolution. The authorities have still not given a reason of this action. Currently, B.Bulgan is in prison under investigation in the Tuv Province.

In the meantime, Bulgan’s mother, D.Baigalmaa has given several press interviews in which she has expressed concern about her daughter’s life. She has also suggested to the Standing Committee for Appeals to examine whether the human rights of her daughter are being violated or not.

Subsequently, J.Batzandan the director of the Standing Committee for Appeals on the instructions of the City Prosecutor has visited B.Bulgan in prison and studied the conditions and human rights issues.

The conclusions of the working team are expected to be publically released within 1-2 days.

B.Bulgan’s husband S.Zorig was an immensely important public and political figure. Born in 1962, he did much to end one-party rule and introduce true democracy to Mongolia. On the eve of being appointed as prime minister he was brutally murdered in his home in Ulaanbaatar’s Zaisan District on 2nd October 1998 under very mysterious circimstances.

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