Japan’s “Marubeni” wins Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant tender

2016 оны 3 сарын 4

The Mongolian Government has decided to finance the Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant, which is located next to the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit, with funding from domestic or foreign investors. In order to achieve this, a project team was formed by Ministry of Energy. The team began work in 2013.

The Tavan Tolgoi project team has put together approximately 5000 pages of documents covering 20 research topics and 15 contract projects. These have been undertaken in accordance with international standards.

Australia’s "WorleyParsons" is a world-class leader in engineering consultancy and project delivery and has been working as the technical adviser to the project. Japan’s "Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation" (SMBC) has been acting as the financial adviser. The legal adviser has been "Shearman & Sterling" from the USA. The environmental and social impact assessment has been conducted together with the UK’s "Mott MacDonald".

In order to choose the foreign investor for the project, the organizers have sent the investment proposals to twenty five international independent power producers, ten of whom have expressed their wish to participate in the project. Subsequently, the organizers have delivered the technical and commercial tasks to four power producers. On 28th February, the Administration Commiitee selected Japan’s “Marubeni” Corporation as the investor for the Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant project. During the tender the international auditing company “Deloitte Touche” has controlled the process for selecting the investor.


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