State of Emergency after 27 lost in snowstorm:

2016 оны 3 сарын 4

Yesterday (3rd March), because of extreme weather conditions – snow storms and winds of 18-20 m/sec wind, (sometimes 24 m/sec), Transport Minister M.Zorigt ordered country roads to be closed to locals from 21.00pm. People travelling outside UB are, therefore, ordered to spend the night in safe place. Since yesterday, 27 people have already been lost in the storm. A search and rescue operation has been launched by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). Three of the missing people were looking after their herds; they remain to be found. Unfortunately, one fatality has been reported – a 54-year old woman froze to death in Dornod Province.


АНХААРУУЛГА: Уншигчдын бичсэн сэтгэгдэлд хариуцлага хүлээхгүй болно. Манай сайт ХХЗХ-ны журмын дагуу зүй зохисгүй зарим үг, хэллэгийг хязгаарласан тул Та сэтгэгдэл бичихдээ бусдын эрх ашгийг хүндэтгэн үзнэ үү. Хэм хэмжээ зөрчсөн сэтгэгдлийг админ устгах эрхтэй.
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