Narantuul blaze: boss refuses to pay for fire damage

2016 оны 3 сарын 4

The boss of the Narantuul Market, Sh.Saikhansambuu, is facing big losses following the fourth fire in recent years. In a phone interview he said that he will not pay any damages incurred to the traders renting space in the trading centre. He added: “I have never made any contracts with a rentee. I have always said to traders not to leave your goods outside”.

D.Erdenebaatar, the director the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), which runs the fire-fighting services said that: the helmet of one fireman almost melted and lost its shape because of the intense flames - and become oval. It proves the how intense the fire was.

According to the traders, one person had goods valuing MNT 10-100 million. There were 400 traders in the cotton material pavilions. Therefore, the total damage must be estimated as being between MNT 10-40 billion. It is still not clear, who will be responsible for the loss. 


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