China’s “Super Brain” TV-show: Enkhmunkh’s team triumphs

2016 оны 3 сарын 7

One of the biggest mind-game competitions in the world is China’s TV show “Super-Brain”. Yesterday (6th March), the “X-Team”, consisting of trainers from Mongolia, Spain, Peru, Sweden, and Australia won the last “Episode” - as the sections of the show are called - by defeating the Chinese team with 5-1 points. This took place in front of millions of fans. A key player in the winning team was E.Enkhmunkh, who is a trainer at the Mongolian Intelligence Academy, International Master of Memory and World Youth Champion.

The members of the “X-team” won several categories, for example: memory, Rubik’s cube, sudoku etc. The judges of the Super Brain Show will invite one of the best members of the winner team to the show again.

E.Enkhmunkh’s mission was to memorize 225 figures presented on 15x15 tables very quickly as they vashined in a matter of seconds.  E.Enkhmunkh did this successfully and brough valuable points to his team. His trainer is Kh.Khatanbaatar who is the director of the Mongolian Intelligence Academy.

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