Mortgages: 17,000 households to be transferred to new rate

2016 оны 3 сарын 16

From yesterday (15th March), commercial banks have begun providing mortgages at the new 5% rate. In order to obtain more information about this we spoke to G.Baigalmaa, who is the adviser to the Speaker of Parliament on mortgages and building issues. She told us that Mongolian mortgages are moving to the international classic system. At this preliminary stage, the 8% mortgage rates of 17,000 families in Ulaanbaatar, totaling MNT 645 billion, are to be transferred to the 5% rate. At present, information from the commercial banks is being gathered. G.Baigalmaa also noted that the people who have bought apartments in the regions at the old 8% rate, which are now classified in the 5% mortgage rating, can change their bank contract and transfer their mortgage to the new rate. 

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