State Apartments: registration for the elderly and newly-weds

2016 оны 3 сарын 23

The registration of the State Rental Apartments in Ulaanbaatar started on Monday 21st March. On that day, 471 elderly people queued, outside the State Apartment Corporation (SAC) in order to submit their applications; some of them had spent the previous night waiting outside the building in cars. The SAC has received the applications of 420 elderly people; however, only 183 of them were considered to have met the requirements. The remaining 237 forms were returned in order for the applicants to re-do them. The registration of elderly people was due to conclude on Tuesday 22nd.

From today, the registration of young couples, who married before 1st January 2016, and who are younger than 35 years old will start. Those people who could not register on the day scheduled or who have not had the possibility to collect all the necessary documents will have a second possibility to register on 31st March-1st April.


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