Young Mongolian footballers training in London

2016 оны 3 сарын 28

In an article entitled – “From chopping wood in -25 degrees to playing in the shadow of the Wembley arch…”, Jonny Singer, a journalist with the UK’s “Daily Mail”, has written extensively about the experiences of two young Mongolian footballers, currently training with Barnet Football Club’s Youth Academy, namely 16 year-old G.Ganbayar of the Khoromkhon Club and 20 year-old S.Gal-Erdene who plays for the Erchim Club.

In recent years, Mongolia has been doing much to develop the abilities of its young players. Jonny Singer, notes, that so far Mongolia has not produced a world class professional – but, this is just a matter of time. Much of the article deals with the very different and difficult conditions young Mongolian footballers face compared to their UK peers.

Singer writes: ‘These kids can become as good as anybody, really fast, if given the opportunity. And seeing Ganbaa do so well, it’s a confirmation that we are doing the right things, we’re not so far off.’

Ganbaa, who grew up an Arsenal fan from 4,000 miles away, knows his target – and it’s a simple one: ‘I’ve always thought I was going to become a professional, even when I was really young.

‘The ultimate goal is to be part of a professional club, get a contract that would be huge. But for now, I've just got to keep trying.’

There are murmurs around the club that Ganbaa, who has made the bigger impression of the two boys, would be good enough to earn a contract next year. Certainly, in footballing terms, he would be worth one, even though logistically it may be a step too far for now. The talent is there.”

The two boys are training at the Barnet Football Club’s Youth Academy, which specializes on training future stars, under a deal negotiated with the Mongolian Football Administration. Barnet is a borough of West London; Wembley Stadium is located nearby.


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