Khushig Khundii Airport highway: construction to start April

2016 оны 3 сарын 28

The coordinator of the Khushig Khundii- New Airport project N.Enkhbat has informed that: “The construction work is 76% completed”. He did not conceal the fact that during the course of the project, they have experienced various problems; for example: three buildings being built by Mongolian companies had to be postponed, because of legal proceedings. There have also been some problems connected with the airport highway, the fuel depot, hangers and service buildings and also the satellite town. Mr Enkhbat said that the project team has requested that the Ministry solves the matter of the losses incurred by the overdue energy payments immediately.

The construction works of the highway in new airport will commence on 15th April. In addition, the project team has agreed to have a meeting with the Minister of Building and Urban Construction to discuss the satellite town.


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