Radioactive materials debate: MPP boycott Parliament

2016 оны 3 сарын 31

The non-regular session of Parliament, which was called by Speaker Z.Enkhbold last week, has still not commenced; as usual the reason is that the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) did not show up. The only MP’s in the house were from the Democratic Party and the Justice Union. Today’s session had been scheduled for 09:00 am. As there was no quorum, it was postponed until 02:00 pm – unfortunately, the situation did not change.

Most of the business, which the Speaker has listed for discussion, involves Mongolian involvement in international conventions on radioactive materials. Yesterday (30th March), Speaker Enkhbold added a sixth draft law to the five already slated for debate, namely a bill to “Ban spent Fuel, Nuclear and Radioactive Materials from entering the Mongolian Border”.

Regarding the specific administrative details; the original order calling the non-regular session was Directive 40 of the 25th March; Speaker Enkhbold amended this on 30th March by issuing Directive 46 which provides for the inclusion of the additional debate. All of this is in accordance with the Law on the Mongolian Parliament (provision 16.4) and the Law on the Rules of Parliamentary Sessions (provision 161.1).

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