Foreigners without visas

2016 оны 4 сарын 4

It is estimated that between 25,000 and 30,000 foreigners are currently living in Mongolia on a permanent basis. The main reasons for domicile are labor, study and receiving medical treatment. Many of them face problems because their visas have expired; sometimes, it would appear that this is deliberate on the part of the foreign nationals. At present, Mongolia does not have an immigration removal center where the foreigners without visas can be held in humane conditions pending the necessary steps being taken for them to leave the country. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has noted that the only facility available is one room at the Mongolian Immigration Authority where they are examined; there is nowhere for them to stay and they are not put into custody – although technically they are in violation of the law.

Although they are responsible for the fact that their visas have expired, they should neither be classed as criminals nor left in limbo. Therefore, the NHRC considers that the custody house is necessary to have. There are cases, that Mongolians abroad whose visas are expired are placed in an immigration removal center in that particular country. The NHRC raised the matter of the lack of an immigration removal center during a press conference held on 31st March.

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