Registration deadline for the 1st Annual BCM Summit is 14 April 2016

2016 оны 4 сарын 6

21 April 2016 - Blue Sky Hotel and Tower
Supporting sustainable business growth and development in Mongolia

The 1st Annual Business Council of Mongolia Summit will be held on 21 April 2016 at Blue Sky Hotel and Tower.

How different is this Summit from other conferences?

Diversity: it provides a wide spectrum of informative, meaningful and innovative topics to assist professionals and business stakeholders in Mongolia develop and grow in the coming years;

Advocacy: your voices and issues facing your business and sector will be heard by the political parties before election for further action and consideration through the Summit Proceedings. To achieve this, BCM will collect your issues and recommendations before the Summit, compile them with discussions to be raised by the speakers during the Summit and distribute the final Post-Summit Proceedings widely to public and political parties before upcoming election.

Follow-up: BCM will follow-up on Summit Proceedings as to how political parties reflect the issues and recommendations from the business community in their election campaign and to what extent it has been addressed.

Publicity: Results of the Summit Proceedings will be publicized in media including TV, government and daily newspaper, journals, websites, social media and online forums.

Focus: Agenda consists of a panel on international finance and 5 sessions on mining & industrial supply; business strategies in an economic downturn; capital markets; innovative business trends; UB city projects, the elections and a macroview of the Government since 2012. In conclusion is a summary of Summit proceedings including, most importantly, a wrap-up of issues and recommendations from the business community targeted to political parties.  Click here to see the latest agenda.

200 people representing various business sectors
25 high-level business leaders and decision-makers as featured speakers and panelists

Registration fee is 100,000MNT for members. Regular fee for non-members is 120,000MNT. Please send full names, job titles and contact information to to register by Thursday April 14th. Please note only few seats left.

We still have booths available. Booth price is USD500. Please click here to see the booth guidelines. Contact Otgoo via

You can find more detailed information here regarding sponsorship package, on how to submit your voice etc.

For any other information related with the 1st Annual BCM Summit, please contact BCM Project Manager Saruul at 317027 or at


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