Diabetes in Mongolia: disturbing figures

2016 оны 4 сарын 8

Yesterday (8th April), was UN World Health Day; the theme of which was diabetes. Currently, there are 300,000 diabetics in Mongolia. It is sobering to note that this figure represents only those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. What, therefore, is the real figure? Over the last 11 years, the numbers of diabetics has increased six times and deaths from the illness - four times. Medical experts, therefore, stated that complex treatment is urgently needed to reduce diabetes, during an anti-diabetes meeting, which was held yesterday at the Ministry of Health and Sport.

At present, medicine to treat diabetes is not covered by health insurance. Therefore, the director of the City Health Authority Sh.Enkhbat, said that diabetes medicine will be added to the list of 300 discounted medicines before July.


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