Shoe demonstration on Chinggis Square

2016 оны 4 сарын 8

On Thursday 7th April, 3000 shoes demonstrated on the Chinggis Square - without their owners. The silent demonstration of shoes of variety types, shapes and colors criticized the power-holders and society.

The police did not need to intervene; there were no angry, violent and abusive demonstrators – only silent shoes. Naturally, many were puzzled by the sight – why the shoes?  The organizer, the Mongolian Youth Federation provided the following explanation: “Everyone - doctors, police officers and others have their personal business. Therefore, they do not have time to participate in the demonstration. Therefore, we are giving them the chance to express their messages, by sending their shoes”.

The Mongolian Youth Federation began collecting the shoes and messages from the public very early in the day. The messages cover many topics - for example: “We want to save Mongolia from corrupt officials”, “Where is Mongolia’s future?”, “I am afraid of how many times the Mongolian per capita debt has increased” and “The reason for suicide is the state”.


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