“Ulaanbaatar Spring”: 7000 celebrate birthday of DP

2016 оны 4 сарын 11

Last Saturday (9th April), the UB section of the Democratic Party celebrated “Ulaanbaatar Spring” marking the anniversary of the birth of the party; no less than 7000 members from nine districts gathered in the Buyant-Ukhaa sport complex.

Twenty six years ago, on 7th-8th April 1990, the Democratic Party had its first official general meeting, during which E.Bat-Uul, currently mayor of Ulaanbaatar, was elected as the first party chairman. At this landmark meeting, a declaration was made proclaiming democratic ideals, human rights and freedom. In the party charter it was written that, the anniversary of these historical days on which the DP came into being must be celebrated annually.

From this year, the UB section of the Democratic Party has decided to celebrate the anniversary under the name of “Ulaanbaatar Spring”. Citizens of the capital have been encouraged to provide the UB section of the Democratic Party with policy recommendations and their own action plan for the city. Therefore, during “Ulaanbaatar Spring”, the UB section of the Democratic Party has presented these projects, some of which are already been implemented and others which will be launched in the near future.


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