ASEM 2016: will there be enough vehicles?

2016 оны 4 сарын 12

It is anticipated that 3500-4000 foreign guests will come to Mongolia for the ASEM, which will be held this July. It is anticipated that 350 vehicles will be required to transport these people. Officials have said that 85% of the vehicles have been delivered.

On 8th April, a total of 52 Toyota Prius-30 were delivered to the General Police Authority; these will be used for security. Under an agreement between Mongolia and South Korea, 200 buses are also being imported. After ASEM, these will be transferred to the Ulaanbaatar public transport fleet.

Regarding the motorcades; 10-20 Mercedes-Benz luxury cars will be used during ASEM. There does, however, appear to be a shortage of luggage transporter vehicles. Several car owners have been offering to lend their cars for the ASEM summit on social media – although, the organizers have said that no official offers have been received.

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