Cutting edge: sword from the age of Chinggis Khan on show

2016 оны 3 сарын 16

“Mongolian Soldier” is the name of an exhibition which opened on 14th March. On display are military items and weapons from 13th-14th centuries – the age of the Great Mongolian Empire.
An ancient curved sword, which occupies the place honor at the exhibition, has has been receiving a lot of attention. By a decision of the government, this sword has been added to the list of Mongolian Precious Treasures. This sword was found in the Bayanlig Soum of Bayankhongor Province in 1987.
Another interesting exhibit is the Marshal’s Sword. The military rank of marshal was created in 1936; the first two holders of the rank being Marshals Kh.Choibalsan and G.Demid. The 96 centimeter-long sword weighs 1.7 kilograms and was specially crafted in the Soviet Union in 1944. Inlaid with 137 jewels, including rubies, emeralds and even diamonds, this remarkable weapon is truly beautiful.
In addition 11 parts of this sword are overlaid with gold and patterned with the traditional Mongolian hammer-like-ornament, known as the “Alkhan Khee” and the symbol of eternal happiness - the “Ulzii Khee”, the State Hymn and an image of the Marshal of the People’s Republic of Mongolia.
The “Mongolian Soldier” exhibition aslo shows helmets, shields, bows and arrows as well as portraits of khans. On display are 20 interesting important military documents dating from the Mongolian People’s Revolution of 1921.
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