At the Opera: Independence and Unity Party meeting held

2016 оны 4 сарын 20

Last week, MP G.Uyanga who left the Justice Union Group, was appointed as the chairperson of the Independence and Unity Party (IUP). On Monday 18th April, the first non-regular meeting of this party was held at the State Opera and Dance Theatre.

During the meeting, the IUP discussed and approved their action plan. With approximately 1000 members, the IUC looks interesting. Many well-known senior political figures as well as representatives of business, sport and the arts came to the meeting. But it is still unknown, exactly who has joined and who intends to join the party.

Evidently, the Independence and Unity Party was established by MP Kh.Battulga two years ago, in November 2014 and was officially registered just under a year ago by the Supreme Court on 29th May 2015. G.Uyanga has proposed that her old ally MP L.Tsog (who has left Justice Union with her) and other non-party members join the IUC.

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