Last minute discord scuttles MPP and MPRP alliance

2016 оны 4 сарын 20

Just yesterday, the working teams headed by Ch.Khurelbaatar (MPP) and Ch.Ulaan (MPRP) declared that two parties have reached a 51:25 basis deal to take seats in Parliament. Yesterday afternoon, however, the chairman of the MPRP N.Enkhbayar declared that this would not be possible. Therefore, Ch.Khurelbaatar demanded that the MPRP make a final decision as to whether there would be an alliance or not before 16.00pm.

MPP Chairman M.Enkhbold and other members have tried several times to make a last ditch deal with Mr Enkhbayar. But, N.Enkhbayar proposed to take the 76 parliamentary seats on a 50: 50 basis; in other words, to have the same rights as the MPP. In response, the MPP considered that they could not accept this offer saying: “if the MPRP cannot agree from the outset it will lead to many problems in the future”.

Therefore, both the MPP and the MPRP will enter the parliamentary election separately.

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