South Sudan: Mongolian Peacekeepers prevent bloodshed

2016 оны 4 сарын 27

The Ministry of Defense has informed that two Mongolian soldiers in South Sudan, sergeants E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg who are working with the “UNMISS” peacekeeping operation have protected the lives thousands of people from danger. It would appear that in the early hours of the morning, the suspicious behavior of four locals attracted the attention of  E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg. The two NCO’s conducted an examination during which they discovered a stash of buried weapons and ammunition very close to a refugee camp. It is considered that had the two Mongolian peacekeepers not intervened, the four would have opened fire on UN forces and the refugees.

The administration of the UNMISS-North Sector Command and UNMISS-battalion have commended the vigilance of sergeants E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg, which almost certainly resulted in lives being saved. At present, 120,000 people are living at this refugee camp, located at the small town of Bentiu, which originally had a population of 9,700. This is the refugee camp is currently the biggest in the world.

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