Civil Will Green Party and MPRP discuss alliance

2016 оны 4 сарын 27

Yesterday, the Political Council of the Civil Will Green Party discussed the subject of an alliance with the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party for the forthcoming parliamentary election. According to the law, all political alliances must be established by 29th April. By the same date, parties and alliances must also present their action plans to the National Audit Authority.

According to the National Audit Authority, it will not be responsible, if parties fail to meet these requirements. Therefore, parties which are discussing alliances need to act very quickly.

Earlier, the Independence and Unity Party, Mongolian National Democratic Party and National Labor Party proposed an alliance; the Civil Will Green Party, however, did not accept their offer, considering that these parties are plagued by internal discord. Now, as time rapidly runs out, the Civil Will and Green Party and MPRP have formed working groups on a potential party alliance.

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