President of Mongolia delivers guidance in fighting air pollution

2017 оны 1 сарын 11

The National Security Council of Mongolia held an emergency meeting under the theme of ‘fighting against environmental and air pollution in Ulaanbaatar’ on 10th of January. The NSC includes the President of Mongolia, the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister, MPs and key people from the Administration of Ulaanbaatar. At the meeting the council admitted that air pollution has reached disaster level provided guidance as to how to combat it.

Earlier today (11th of January), President Ts.Elbegdorj spoke on the guidance for fighting against air pollution as released by National Security Council. The NSC had identified three issues. These are:

  1. The council admitted that air pollution has reached disaster level and backed tough measures by the City Mayor such as establishing a 'red' demarcation line around Ulaanbaatar as well as prohibition of migration movement from the countryside to the city.

  2. Enterprises, government agencies and citizens are to work under a 'state of emergency' in Ulaanbaatar. The National Committee for Fighting Against Air Pollution will be renamed, the National Emergency Committee for Combating Environmental Pollution and will be led by the Prime Minister. Some rights of Ulaanbaatar citizens will be restricted. If someone violates the decision by the committee, they will be punished.

  3. Migrant movement from Ulaanbaatar to the countryside will be open.Mongolia is one of the world's most sparsely populated countries; measuring 604,100 square miles (1,565,000 square kilometers) in area, the country is larger than Western Europe. The Government will be focusing on the establishment of a better social infrastructure outside the capital; this will include the construction of hospitals and schools in the countryside.

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