Taiwan presents stoves for Mongolian families

2017 оны 3 сарын 17

Huang Guo-rong, Taiwan's Representative to Mongolia has presented 'safe' stoves with barriers and electronic cooking pots for ten ‘Ger district’ families in Ulaanbaatar. Burns constitute one of the leading causes of childhood injuries to under-fives in Mongolia. The majority of burns occurred at home where there is a high risk of infants stumbling into hot stoves and cooking pots. The barriers are designed to protect  small children from such accidents.

Mr.Huang Guo-rong said ‘It is so sad that many children suffer burns in Mongolia each year. In order to protect them, we are presenting these families with barrier stoves.’

T.Badamdulam, director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities and E.Galbadrakh, principal of the Burns and Rehabilitation Division of Mongolia's National Centre for Injury Prevention and Control  participated in the charity event organised by Taiwan’s Representative to Mongolia.

Mr.Huang Guo-rong, recently donated six hemodialysis apparatus and three special water purifier to hospitals in three western provinces as well as a Braille embosser to the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind (MNFB).

The Taiwanese Foundation of Supporting Child and Family has established a ‘Ger district’ activity in 2007 for supporting 69 families living on the poverty line. The foundation focuses on building fresh water wells, furnishing schools, providing hygienic toilets, libraries and meeting halls.

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