Four Ambassadors participate in Mongolian business consultation

2017 оны 4 сарын 19

The Business Council of Mongolia has organised its annual business consultation under the theme ‘International cooperation for developing the private sector’. The event was held at the Tuushin Hotel on 17th of April and attended by ambassadors from the USA, Canada, Germany and Japan.

H.E. Jennifer Galt, U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia noted that the 30th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Mongolia and the United States had boosted cooperation between the two countries and that this is continuing in all sectors. Ambassador Galt said: ‘The Agreement on Transparency in Matters Related to International Trade and Investment between the United States of America and Mongolia came into effect on 20th of March and it aims at strengthening and stabilising cooperation between the two countries.’

H.E. Ed Jager, the Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia noted the increasing uptrend in economic activity and business towards Mongolia since 2015. He said: ‘The Canadian Embassy aims at further increasing cooperation between Mongolian entrepreneurs and Canadian companies in 2017.’

H.E Masato Takaoka, the recently appointed Japanese Ambassador noted that, ‘Mongolia and Japan are involved in extensive cooperation; this, however, is insufficient in the business sector.’ Tokyo's envoy commented that the Mongolian law environment is unpredictable, which hinders business activity.’

H.E. Stefan Duppel, the Ambassador of Germany to Mongolia called for examining opportunities to cooperate with the organisation of the Business Counsel of Mongolia and implementing training.

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