Unfair dismissal? Chinese company fires Mongolian workers without explanation

2017 оны 4 сарын 20

Some Mongolian workers who were fired from their jobs at ‘Chinhash’ LLC ( a company with substantial Chinese investment) gave a press conference on 19th of April in which they described illegal activities currently  taking place in Dundgobi province. According to one source, a total of 27 Mongolian workers were fired from their jobs, not only without explanation, but without being paid their salaries. The company's version of events is different, namely:   'some workers' jobs have been cut due to financial difficulties.' However, according to locals, the company has simply replaced the fired Mongolians with Chinese workers.

Chinhas LLC obtained exploration rights in the Gobi-Ugtaal district of Dundgobi province of Mongolia in October, 2010 from ‘Adamsmining’ LLC. However, the company had already begun mining operations before official permission was granted in 2012.

An iron ore deposit, which an initial estimate of 217 thousand tons of iron has been discovered in Gobi-Ugtaal.

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