Mongolia remembers Democratic Revolution hero S.Zorig

2017 оны 4 сарын 20

Today (20th of April), Mongolians marked the 55th anniversary of the birth of S.Zorig, who has been officially named as the father of Mongolia's democratic revolution.

S.Bayar, brother of murdered politician said: ‘if S.Zorig were alive, today he would have been 55 years old.  Each year, we remember this day with positive thoughts. Wreaths are laid at the statue of S.Zorig twice a year: one on his birthday (20th of April) and another on the day of his  death (2nd of December). Many new things about the S.Zorig case have been revealed recently. As a family, S.Oyun and I have expressed our opinions. There is nothing else we can say.’

The Democratic Party (DP) won the majority seats in Parliament in the 1996 general election. Two years later, S.Zorig was stabbed at his home on 2nd of October 1998, by which time he was working as infrastructure development minister. He was nominated to be the future prime minister before his murder.

In some former socialistic countries in 1990's, democracy was only achieved through bloody revolution and conflict;  in Mongolia  the transition to democratic society happened  peacefully. Many people have said that this remarkable achievement was related to S.Zorig’s role and thinking.

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